Executive Michael Trotter, man with short brown hair and gray suit
Michael Trotter
Managing Director / President
(972) 887-3650
Executive Jay Wagoner, man with short brown hair and goatee wearing a blue suit
Jay Wagoner
Chief Underwriting Officer
(972) 887-3780
Cameron Wunsch, smiling man with goatee wearing a suit and green tie
Cameron Wunsch
Director of Marketing and Field Underwriting
Scott Ashton, black man with dark trimmed goatee
Scott Ashton
Underwriting Manager
Callie Torres, a blonde hair woman wearing a black jacket and tan shirt
Callie Torres
Underwriting Assistant
Angelica Carmona, a brown hair woman wearing a black suit jacket
Angelica Carmona
Underwriting Assistant
A headshot of Lauren Tally. A blonde young woman wearing a gray sweater and necklace
Lauren Tally
Underwriting Assistant
Marshall Wilson, bald man with thin rimmed glasses, trimmed mustache and beard
Marshall Wilson
Exec. VP – Vehicle Services
Jorge Lopez, man with thin rimmed glasses and short gray hair and beard
Jorge Lopez
Exec. VP – Field Services
John Knerr, bald man with thin rimmed glasses wearing a suit
John Knerr
Supervisor – Vehicle Services
Billy Hamm, smiling bald man wearing a gray shirt and tie
Billy Hamm
Supervisor – Field Services
Monica Caldwell, smiling woman with long red hair
Monica Caldwell
Claims Manager
Max Artho, smiling young man with short brown hair wearing a suit and red tie
Max Artho
Claims Supervisor
A headshot of Samantha Lopez, a young woman with brown hair and blond streaks. Wearing a purple sweater and hoop earrings
Samantha Lopez
Claims Assistant
Al Titus, man with brown hair and trimmed mustache wearing a suit
Al Titus
Claims Assistant
Jordan Trotter, smiling young woman with long blonde hair
Jordan Trotter
Accounting Manager
Katherine Rowley, smiling woman with black curly hair
Katherine Rowley
Staff Accountant
Brandon Morris, young man with light brown medium length hair wearing suit and tie with a blue shirt
Brandon Morris
Staff Accountant