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***An experienced claims representative is standing by to take your call. Please contact us immediately so we can get started on resolving your claim***

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Responsiveness is a critical component to cost containment and managing your loss exposure. Our insureds are the first line of defense and it is imperative that you report your new claim as soon as possible. ALL claims need to be reported immediately regardless of fault or severity.


man wearing phone headset looking at computer screenUpon receipt of your new claim, our professional team of credentialed adjusters will work to mitigate the exposures containing the loss and any further development. Our Claims Operation is composed of experienced in-house adjusters, medical experts, legal experts, accident reconstructionists and field resolution specialists that can be deployed to any location within the continental U.S. ANCR Risk is committed to providing immediate resolutions to even the most difficult liability claims. Our Field Resolution Specialists are qualified adjusters trained in liability and physical damage and will work to settle all exposures in the field in the most equitable and efficient manner.


claims adjuster with notebook looking over car damageNobody expects to be in an accident and it is our hope that you never have to use our claim center. In the event you need our help, know that we will diligently investigate all aspects of your claim with the goal of indemnifying and closing all exposures and restoring all parties to their pre-loss condition. We are experienced and staffed with all the resources to handle every aspect of your claim anywhere in the country from first notice of loss to closure.

Note: All claims for policies written by ANCR Risk Group, Inc. will be managed by ANCR’s affiliate CPR Insurance Group, LLC