Notify Authorities

  • Call 911
  • Survey the scene for injuries and report to the dispatcher. Follow the instructions of the dispatcher for handling injuries.
  • If your accident involves another vehicle or other property, advise the dispatcher or local authorities of all vehicles and individuals involved.
  • Remain calm and respectful to all parties involved but only discuss the details of the accident with the authorities. Do not discuss liability.
  • Contact ANCR while you are at the scene at (855) 215-6439.

person holding phone to take photo of vehicle damage after crash

Collect Accident Information

Using your Mobile device collect the following information:

  1. Photos of vehicle license plate of all parties involved
  2. Photos of insurance ID cards of all parties involved
  3. Photos of drivers licenses of all parties involved, including any witnesses
  4. Photos/Video of accident scene and damages
  5. Photos/Video of accident location
  6. Photos/Video of any local business that may have video of the accident

Document As Much Information as possible:

  1. Details (names and phone numbers) of all parties involved including any potential witnesses
  2. Address of accident
  3. Police officers name and Police Report Number
  4. Towing company, if applicable